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non port: sysutils/linux-nero/Makefile

Number of commits found: 18

Monday, 16 Jan 2017
11:50 tijl search for other commits by this committer
Unbreak on 64 bit Linux but mark deprecated.

Discussed with:	bsam (creator)
Original commitRevision:431627 
Wednesday, 2 Nov 2016
22:45 mat search for other commits by this committer
Cleanup no longer needed CHMOD usage after r424898.

PR:		213743
Submitted by:	mat
Exp-run by:	antoine
Sponsored by:	Absolight
Original commitRevision:425174 
Monday, 5 Sep 2016
19:23 tijl search for other commits by this committer
- Replace Mk/ and Mk/ with
- Replace USE_LINUX=yes with USES+=linux and USE_LINUX=(.*) with
  USES+=linux:\1 in all ports.
- Replace USE_LINUX_APPS with USE_LINUX in all ports.
- Use INSTALL_SCRIPT instead of INSTALL_PROGRAM to install scripts in some
- When USE_LINUX_RPM is defined, simplify the way DISTFILES and EXTRACT_ONLY
  are defined.
- Remove BRANDELF_DIRS and BRANDELF_FILES handling.  In the very rare cases
  that it is still necessary ports can run ${BRANDELF} from post-patch.
- Remove AUTOMATIC_PLIST handling.  Only one port used it.
  default versions framework.
  - Move Linux related bits to Uses/, except USE_LINUX_PREFIX.
  - Put USE_LINUX_PREFIX handling after USES processing.
  - Define DOCSDIR, DATADIR, etc. after handling USE_LINUX_PREFIX so it can
    give these variables a different default value.
  - When a package needs to run Linux ldconfig check before installation if
    Linux support is enabled.
- emulators/linux_base-*:
  - Use USES=linux and remove duplication.
  - Remove files/lp.  FreeBSD or CUPS lp(1) should work.
  - Remove files/yp.conf.  No longer seems to be used.
  - Remove pkg-deinstall and move pkg-install into pkg-plist.
  - Update pkg-descr and pkg-message.
  - Fix handling of ldconfig cache in pkg-plist.
- devel/fb-adb: Use a Linux shell to run a Linux script but patch the script
  to use FreeBSD mkdir so mkdir -p $path creates $path and not

PR:		211645
Exp-run by:	antoine
Approved by:	portmgr (antoine)
Original commitRevision:421387 
Sunday, 9 Aug 2015
19:14 netchild search for other commits by this committer
Re-commit of
64 bit linuxulator support (not activated by default):
 - most of the work was done by Alan Jude
 - all errors are mine
 - 64bit (may) have rough edges
 - I validated
    * that the 32bit part doesn't has deinstall regressions (incl. EXP runs by
    * 29 of 72 64bit ports ports don't have deinstall leftovers (more validation
      later, when I dare to activate the 64bit linuxulator in the kernel)
 - the infrastructure part looks mature enough to let more test-bunnies get
   some experience with the new 64 bit parts
 - to use it you shall have no linux ports installed and have to specify
   (on your own risk) the following in make.conf before installing the ports:

This is on top of the exiting c6 linux ports. Given that CentOS 7 is 64bits
only, we decided to have it as an "overlay" instead of new ports.
The 64bit part only installs 64bit executables, the 32bit ports can not be
installed at the same time (if needed we can think of letting the 64bit
overlay install the 32bit parts too, but given the CentOS 7 comment

Differential Revision:
Submitted by:		alanjude
Sponsored by:		Essen FreeBSD Hackathon 2015
Reviewed by:		xmj, eadler (earlier versions)
Approved by:		portmgr (antoine after some EXP-runs)
Original commitRevision:393817 
Monday, 24 Nov 2014
20:18 marino search for other commits by this committer
sysutils/linux-nero: Unbreak by fixing fetch (new master site)

PR:		195159
Submitted by:	Jan Beich
Approved by:	Just fix it
Original commitRevision:373366 
Sunday, 1 Jun 2014
08:00 antoine search for other commits by this committer
Mark a few unfetchable ports as BROKEN

With hat:	portmgr
Original commitRevision:356059 
Wednesday, 11 Dec 2013
14:12 rene search for other commits by this committer
- Make 'make -VLEGAL' match the entry in LEGAL and
  canonicalize the latter somewhat [1]
- Remove trailing whitespace in Makefile

Submitted by:	eadler [1]
Original commitRevision:336165 
Sunday, 6 Oct 2013
15:15 rene search for other commits by this committer
- Add stage support.
- Normalize zero permissions on symbolic links so that the package is
  correctly created.
Original commitRevision:329587 
Friday, 20 Sep 2013
23:06 bapt search for other commits by this committer
Add NO_STAGE all over the place in preparation for the staging support (cat:
Original commitRevision:327772 
Friday, 25 Feb 2011
08:52 netchild search for other commits by this committer
Update linux-f10-pango to 1.28.3 (+ bump portrevision of dependend ports).
This fixes a security warning from portaudit.

Security:       CVE-2009-1194
VuXML:          4b172278-3f46-11de-becb-001cc0377035
Thanks to:      Luchesar V. ILIEV <> (F10+rpmbuild info)
Original commit
Sunday, 28 Mar 2010
06:47 dinoex search for other commits by this committer
- update to 1.4.1
Reviewed by:    exp8 run on pointyhat
Supported by:   miwi
Original commit
Sunday, 21 Feb 2010
08:35 bsam search for other commits by this committer

PR:             ports/144155
Submitted by:   Andrius Morkunas <hinokind at>
Feature safe:   yes
Original commit
Friday, 5 Feb 2010
13:03 bsam search for other commits by this committer
Unbreak by updating to version
Original commit
Saturday, 5 Dec 2009
21:46 pav search for other commits by this committer
- Mark BROKEN: unfetchable

Reported by:    pointyhat
Original commit
Thursday, 19 Mar 2009
17:28 bsam search for other commits by this committer
Welcome to the new linux ports infrastructure which allows using
both current (fc4) and future linux (f8) distributions at one
ports tree.

The patch contains full changes to ports/Mk files and all ports involved.
But only infrastructure is changed. The resulting packages are the same as
before. Hence no need to bump PORTREVISIONs.

The idea was taken from and others.

More than 130 ports are switched to follow a new linux infrastructure
introduced by changes to, and a new

Thanks for all who was involved and helped me with this work.
And help from Alexander Leidinger was incredible.

Other changes are coming. Stay tuned!

PR:             ports/132510
Submitted by:   bsam (me)
Exp-run by:     portmgr (pav)
Original commit
Friday, 11 Apr 2008
10:40 bsam search for other commits by this committer
Update to (fixing PLIST which was broken [1] by my previous commit
to linux_base-fc4).

Pointed out by: pav [1]
Original commit
Monday, 18 Jun 2007
15:12 bsam search for other commits by this committer
. fix COMMENT (the port is no longer a trial beta version);  [1]
. switch maintainership (bsam -> emulation).  [2]

Pointed out by:         netchild  [1]
Should not be opposed:  netchild  [2]
Original commit
Friday, 25 May 2007
19:53 bsam search for other commits by this committer
From the web site:

Powered by the industry-leading Nero Burning ROM engine, Nero Linux 3
is the definitive burning application for Linux operating systems.
Record to CD, DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-ray disc, and experience the next
generation of burning solutions for Linux!

Original commit

Number of commits found: 18