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non port: textproc/py-rstfmt/distinfo

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Tue, 21 Mar 2023
[ 00:01 Muhammad Moinur Rahman (bofh) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:b30df87a4b567600d52cda541eb1d79f30696b71  commit hash:b30df87a4b567600d52cda541eb1d79f30696b71  commit hash:b30df87a4b567600d52cda541eb1d79f30696b71  b30df87a 
textproc/py-rstfmt: Remove expired port:

2023-03-21 textproc/py-rstfmt: Broken since 2021
Mon, 4 Oct 2021
[ 12:38 Mateusz Piotrowski (0mp) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:7394fe9293b66f1b98fa98e36904ab830d26842b  commit hash:7394fe9293b66f1b98fa98e36904ab830d26842b  commit hash:7394fe9293b66f1b98fa98e36904ab830d26842b  7394fe9 
textproc/py-rstfmt: Update to 0.0.10
Tue, 6 Jul 2021
[ 22:49 Mateusz Piotrowski (0mp) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:b5ecb8bcbeb3d0574c83be98be1f586cb7e44ab6  commit hash:b5ecb8bcbeb3d0574c83be98be1f586cb7e44ab6  commit hash:b5ecb8bcbeb3d0574c83be98be1f586cb7e44ab6  b5ecb8b 
textproc/py-rstfmt: Add new port

rstfmt is a tool for automatically formatting reStructuredText files in
a consistent way.

Like Black and gofmt, the motivation is to provide a format that is
reasonable and minimally configurable to prevent teams from wasting time
on style discussions (or individuals on manually doing formatting, for
that matter).

Currently, rstfmt is in a very early stage of development. Not all reST
constructs are covered and the interface or formatting may change at any
time without warning.


Number of commits found: 3