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NOTE: the WWW: line in pkg-descr was relocated to a WWW= line in Makefile. Each port in FreshPorts has a homepage link. Look for it right after the Description: on each port's home page.

Do I know someone who can pick up a server from 7401 E. Ben White Blvd. Austin TX?

The emphasis is on know, or recommended by someone I know. This is the original FreshPorts server, way past useful: RAID, 8GB RAM, etc. The drives need to be wiped and everything recycled.
non port: textproc/rubygem-nokogiri111/files/patch-gemspec

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Sun, 20 Feb 2022
[ 13:06 Dan Langille (dvl) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:7b279c9e09e1d27a385b7400842622b03a60c5bb  commit hash:7b279c9e09e1d27a385b7400842622b03a60c5bb  commit hash:7b279c9e09e1d27a385b7400842622b03a60c5bb  7b279c9  (Only the first 10 of 94 ports in this commit are shown above. View all ports for this commit)
devel/ruby-gems: Update to 3.3.7

These are fixes Ruby 3.0

Changes were compiled against all dependencies of devel/ruby-gems and
they all built cleanly.

There are five known build failures, all prexisting:

* devel/rubygem-xdg5: requires Ruby 3.0
* devel/rubygem-xdg: requires Ruby 3.1
* graphics/rubygem-objectdetect: port explicitly marked broken
* mail/rubygem-tmail: port explicitly marked broken
* science/cdcl: marked broken, unfetchable

Plus, science/rubygem-ruby-dcl gets skipped because of science/cdcl

PR:		258108
Approved by:	ruby (zi@)
Wed, 26 Jan 2022
[ 10:43 Matthias Fechner (mfechner) search for other commits by this committer ]    commit hash:5f255f62ce0cc4845b6531fec4ef614003bb8928  commit hash:5f255f62ce0cc4845b6531fec4ef614003bb8928  commit hash:5f255f62ce0cc4845b6531fec4ef614003bb8928  5f255f6 
textproc/nokogiri111: make 1.11.x available and use it if required

Number of commits found: 2