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non port: textproc/tdtd.el/Makefile

Number of commits found: 10

Wednesday, 2 Nov 2011
01:35 dougb search for other commits by this committer
Remove ports@ ports that have been DEPRECATED for at least 1 month

audio/shoutcast         Unfetchable; website rearranged
audio/linux-shoutcast   Unfetchable; website rearranged
chinese/scim-chewing    Does not configure
converters/py-cjkcodecs Integrated into every python version in the tree
databases/kpogre        Does not compile
deskutils/mhc           Does not fetch
deskutils/org-mode.el6  Does not fetch
deskutils/gemcal        Does not fetch
devel/erlang-thrift     Does not build
dns/domtools            Does not fetch
editors/richtext        Does not compile
games/vultures-claw     Does not fetch
games/bomb              Does not fetch
games/lgeneral-data     Bad plist
games/linux-enemyterritory-jaymod       Does not fetch
games/xphotohunter      Does not fetch
graphics/gimpshop       Fails to patch
graphics/lightspark-devel       Does not compile
graphics/xmms-plazma    Does not fetch
graphics/py-cgkit       Does not fetch, does not compile on ia64, powerpc, or
japanese/rxvt           Does not fetch, fails to build with new utmpx
japanese/epic4          Some distfiles do not fetch
java/jde                Does not fetch
java/kaffe              Does not fetch
korean/gdick    HTMLs from the Yahoo! Korea Dictionary cannot be parsed, other
runtime problems
korean/hanterm-xf86     Does not compile
korean/stardict2-dict-kr Does not fetch
lang/p5-JavaScript      Does not fetch
lang/TenDRA     Website disappeared; last release 2006, Does not compile on
recent FreeBSD-9
mail/freepops           Does not build
mail/itraxp             Does not build
misc/tellico            Leaves file behind on deinstall
net/gsambad             Does not fetch
net/nocatauth-gateway   Uses a UID registered to another port
net/nocatauth-server    Uses a UID registered to another port
net/libosip2            Does not fetch
net/kmuddy              Does not fetch
net/netboot             Does not build
net-mgmt/jffnms         Does not fetch
net-p2p/frostwire       Does not fetch
net-p2p/azureus         Does not fetch
news/cleanscore         Does not fetch
news/nntpswitch         Does not fetch
news/p5-NewsLib         Does not fetch
russian/cyrproxy        Does not fetch
science/gerris          Does not fetch
security/opensaml       Does not fetch
sysutils/wmbattery      Does not fetch
sysutils/cpuburn        No more public distfiles
textproc/tei-guidelines-p4      Does not fetch
textproc/tei-p4         Does not fetch
textproc/py-hyperestraier       Does not fetch
textproc/tdtd.el        Does not fetch
textproc/tei-lite       Does not fetch
www/phpwiki13           Does not fetch
www/p5-Apache-Scoreboard        Depends on mod_perl
www/p5-B-LexInfo        Broken due the new mod_perl2 API
www/phpwiki             Does not fetch
www/smb2www             Apache13 is deprecated, migrate to 2.2.x+ now
www/spip                Checksum is changing daily
www/monkey              Does not fetch
x11-toolkits/jdic       Does not fetch
x11-toolkits/py-kde     Does not compile
Original commit
Friday, 17 Jun 2011
15:37 bapt search for other commits by this committer
Mark broken some ports with unfetchable distfiles
Original commit
Wednesday, 28 Apr 2010
00:37 pgollucci search for other commits by this committer
- Release some more ports
Original commit
Tuesday, 12 Jan 2010
06:45 pgollucci search for other commits by this committer
- adopt
Original commit
Thursday, 1 Jun 2006
21:11 anray search for other commits by this committer
- Add port to `elisp' virtual category.
- Add support NOPORTDOCS and DOCSDIR
- Remove USE_EMACS and EMACS_PORT_NAME for support all emacsen, add
  symlinks to xemacs load dir.
Original commit
Saturday, 6 May 2006
08:44 sem search for other commits by this committer
- Add USE_EMACS=yes. It should present in all emacsen ports.
  (This commit prevents the ports breakage after more strict condition
  will applied in and makes no functional changes)

PR:             ports/95238
Submitted by:   nobutaka
Original commit
Friday, 16 Dec 2005
07:04 anray search for other commits by this committer
Fix build with default emacs20.

PR:             ports/90470
Submitted by:   NIIMI Satoshi <>
Approved by:    sem(mentor)
Original commit
Wednesday, 11 Feb 2004
23:54 linimon search for other commits by this committer reports no response from this maintainer for several
months about his other ports, so reset this one too.  His last
approved update was 16 months ago.

Maintainer, if this is in error, please contact me directly.
Original commit
Friday, 21 Feb 2003
13:42 knu search for other commits by this committer
Original commit
Wednesday, 3 Jan 2001
21:05 clive search for other commits by this committer
New port: tdtd.el   Emacs major mode for editing SGML and XML DTDs.    
Original commit

Number of commits found: 10