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The last vuln.xml file processed by FreshPorts is:

Revision:  566519
Date:      2021-02-25
Time:      02:33:09Z
Committer: philip

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VuXML IDDescription
03532a19-d68e-11e6-9171-14dae9d210b8lynx -- multiple vulnerabilities

Oracle reports:

Lynx is vulnerable to POODLE by still supporting vulnerable version of SSL. Lynx is also vulnerable to URL attacks by incorrectly parsing hostnames ending with an '?'.

Discovery 2016-10-26
Entry 2017-01-09
c01170bf-4990-11da-a1b8-000854d03344lynx -- remote buffer overflow

Ulf Härnhammar reports:

When Lynx connects to an NNTP server to fetch information about the available articles in a newsgroup, it will call a function called HTrjis() with the information from certain article headers. The function adds missing ESC characters to certain data, to support Asian character sets. However, it does not check if it writes outside of the char array buf, and that causes a remote stack-based buffer overflow.

Discovery 2005-10-17
Entry 2005-10-30
Modified 2006-10-05
lt 2.8.5_1

gt 2.8.6* lt 2.8.6d14

lt 2.8.5_1