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Revision:  454426
Date:      2017-11-18
Time:      11:38:23Z
Committer: brnrd

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VuXML IDDescription
0bf376b7-cc6b-11e2-a424-14dae938ec40net/openafs -- buffer overflow

Nickolai Zeldovich reports:

An attacker with the ability to manipulate AFS directory ACLs may crash the fileserver hosting that volume. In addition, once a corrupt ACL is placed on a fileserver, its existence may crash client utilities manipulating ACLs on that server.

Discovery 2013-02-27
Entry 2013-06-03
lt 1.6.2.*
c4d412c8-f4d1-11e2-b86c-000c295229d5openafs -- single-DES cell-wide key brute force vulnerability

OpenAFS Project reports:

The small size of the DES key space permits an attacker to brute force a cell's service key and then forge traffic from any user within the cell. The key space search can be performed in under 1 day at a cost of around $100 using publicly available services.

Discovery 2013-07-24
Entry 2013-07-25
lt 1.6.5