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Revision:  541961
Date:      2020-07-11
Time:      11:40:09Z
Committer: brnrd

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VuXML IDDescription
0c5369fc-d671-11e6-a9a5-b499baebfeafGnuTLS -- Memory corruption vulnerabilities

The GnuTLS project reports:

  • It was found using the OSS-FUZZ fuzzer infrastructure that decoding a specially crafted OpenPGP certificate could lead to heap and stack overflows. (GNUTLS-SA-2017-2)
  • It was found using the OSS-FUZZ fuzzer infrastructure that decoding a specially crafted X.509 certificate with Proxy Certificate Information extension present could lead to a double free. (GNUTLS-SA-2017-1)

Discovery 2017-01-09
Entry 2017-01-09
lt 3.5.8
a0128291-7690-11e6-95a8-0011d823eebdgnutls -- OCSP validation issue reports:

Stefan B├╝hler discovered an issue that affects validation of certificates using OCSP responses, which can falsely report a certificate as valid under certain circumstances.

Discovery 2016-09-08
Entry 2016-09-09
lt 3.4.15
fb30db8f-62af-11e9-b0de-001cc0382b2fGnuTLS -- double free, invalid pointer access

The GnuTLS project reports:

  • Tavis Ormandy from Google Project Zero found a memory corruption (double free) vulnerability in the certificate verification API. Any client or server application that verifies X.509 certificates with GnuTLS 3.5.8 or later is affected.
  • It was found using the TLS fuzzer tools that decoding a malformed TLS1.3 asynchronous message can cause a server crash via an invalid pointer access. The issue affects GnuTLS server applications since 3.6.4.

Discovery 2019-03-27
Entry 2019-04-19
lt 3.6.7
b33fb1e0-4c37-11e7-afeb-0011d823eebdGnuTLS -- Denial of service vulnerability

The GnuTLS project reports:

It was found using the TLS fuzzer tools that decoding a status response TLS extension with valid contents could lead to a crash due to a null pointer dereference. The issue affects GnuTLS server applications.

Discovery 2017-06-07
Entry 2017-06-08
lt 3.5.13
9733c480-ebff-11e3-970b-206a8a720317gnutls -- client-side memory corruption

GnuTLS project reports:

This vulnerability affects the client side of the gnutls library. A server that sends a specially crafted ServerHello could corrupt the memory of a requesting client.

Discovery 2014-05-14
Entry 2014-06-04
lt 2.12.23_6

f645aa90-a3e8-11e3-a422-3c970e169bc2gnutls -- multiple certificate verification issues

GnuTLS project reports:

A vulnerability was discovered that affects the certificate verification functions of all gnutls versions. A specially crafted certificate could bypass certificate validation checks. The vulnerability was discovered during an audit of GnuTLS for Red Hat.

Suman Jana reported a vulnerability that affects the certificate verification functions of gnutls 2.11.5 and later versions. A version 1 intermediate certificate will be considered as a CA certificate by default (something that deviates from the documented behavior).

Discovery 2014-03-03
Entry 2014-03-04
Modified 2014-04-30
lt 2.12.23_4

lt 2.12.23_4

lt 3.1.22

gt 3.2.0 lt 3.2.12

lt 3.1.22

gt 3.2.0 lt 3.2.12

ec6a2a1e-429d-11e5-9daa-14dae9d210b8gnutls -- double free in certificate DN decoding reports:

Kurt Roeckx reported that decoding a specific certificate with very long DistinguishedName (DN) entries leads to double free, which may result to a denial of service. Since the DN decoding occurs in almost all applications using certificates it is recommended to upgrade the latest GnuTLS version fixing the issue. Recommendation: Upgrade to GnuTLS 3.4.4, or 3.3.17.

Discovery 2015-07-20
Entry 2015-08-14
Modified 2015-08-18
lt 3.3.17
3de36a19-429d-11e5-9daa-14dae9d210b8gnutls -- MD5 downgrade in TLS signatures

Karthikeyan Bhargavan reports:

GnuTLS does not by default support MD5 signatures. Indeed the RSA-MD5 signature-hash algorithm needs to be explicitly enabled using the priority option VERIFY_ALLOW_SIGN_RSA_MD5. In the NORMAL and SECURE profiles, GnuTLS clients do not offer RSA-MD5 in the signature algorithms extension. However, we find that all GnuTLS clients still accept RSA-MD5 in the ServerKeyExchange and GnuTLS servers still accept RSA-MD5 in the ClientCertificateVerify.

Discovery 2015-04-25
Entry 2015-08-14
lt 3.3.15
d887b3d9-7366-11ea-b81a-001cc0382b2fGnuTLS -- flaw in DTLS protocol implementation

The GnuTLS project reports:

It was found that GnuTLS 3.6.3 introduced a regression in the DTLS protocol implementation. This caused the DTLS client to not contribute any randomness to the DTLS negotiation breaking the security guarantees of the DTLS protocol.

Discovery 2020-03-31
Entry 2020-03-31
lt 3.6.13