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This page displays vulnerability information about FreeBSD Ports.

The last vuln.xml file processed by FreshPorts is:

Revision:  454426
Date:      2017-11-18
Time:      11:38:23Z
Committer: brnrd

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These are the vulnerabilities relating to the commit you have selected:

VuXML IDDescription
0d530174-6eef-11e1-afd6-14dae9ebcf89asterisk -- multiple vulnerabilities

Asterisk project reports:

Stack Buffer Overflow in HTTP Manager

Remote Crash Vulnerability in Milliwatt Application

Discovery 2012-03-15
Entry 2012-03-15
gt 1.4.* lt 1.4.44

gt 1.6.* lt

gt 1.8.* lt

gt 10.* lt 10.2.1