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The last vuln.xml file processed by FreshPorts is:

Revision:  456342
Date:      2017-12-14
Time:      19:44:02Z
Committer: bhughes

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VuXML IDDescription
15a04b9f-47cb-11e7-a853-001fbc0f280fansible -- Input validation flaw in jinja2 templating system

RedHat security team reports:

An input validation flaw was found in Ansible, where it fails to properly mark lookup-plugin results as unsafe. If an attacker could control the results of lookup() calls, they could inject Unicode strings to be parsed by the jinja2 templating system, result in code execution.

Discovery 2017-05-09
Entry 2017-06-02
lt 2.3.1
478d4102-2319-4026-b3b2-a57c48f159acansible -- information disclosure flaw

ansible developers report:

Ansible versions 2.2.3 and earlier are vulnerable to an information disclosure flaw due to the interaction of call back plugins and the no_log directive where the information may not be sanitized properly.

Discovery 2017-07-21
Entry 2017-09-25
le 2.2.3