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Revision:  456560
Date:      2017-12-17
Time:      18:50:00Z
Committer: zeising

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VuXML IDDescription
1a0de610-a761-11e3-95fe-bcaec565249cfreetype2 -- Out of bounds read/write

Mateusz Jurczyk reports:

Out of bounds stack-based read/write in cf2_hintmap_build.

This is a critical vulnerability in the CFF Rasterizer code recently contributed by Adobe, leading to potential arbitrary code execution in the context of the FreeType2 library client.

Discovery 2014-02-25
Entry 2014-03-09
lt 2.5.3
4a088d67-3af2-11e7-9d75-c86000169601freetype2 -- buffer overflows

Werner Lemberg reports:

CVE-2017-8105, CVE-2017-8287: Older FreeType versions have out-of-bounds writes caused by heap-based buffer overflows related to Type 1 fonts.

Discovery 2017-05-17
Entry 2017-05-17
lt 2.8
567beb1e-7e0a-11e4-b9cc-bcaec565249cfreetype -- Out of bounds stack-based read/write

Werner LEMBERG reports:

The fix for CVE-2014-2240 was not 100% complete to fix the issue from the CVE completly.

Discovery 2014-12-07
Entry 2014-12-07
lt 2.5.4