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Revision:  496292
Date:      2019-03-19
Time:      20:22:21Z
Committer: jbeich

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VuXML IDDescription
1c27a706-e3aa-11e8-b77a-6cc21735f730PostgreSQL -- SQL injection in pg_upgrade and pg_dump

The PostgreSQL project reports:

CVE-2018-16850: SQL injection in pg_upgrade and pg_dump, via CREATE TRIGGER ... REFERENCING.

Using a purpose-crafted trigger definition, an attacker can run arbitrary SQL statements with superuser privileges when a superuser runs pg_upgrade on the database or during a pg_dump dump/restore cycle. This attack requires a CREATE privilege on some non-temporary schema or a TRIGGER privilege on a table. This is exploitable in the default PostgreSQL configuration, where all users have CREATE privilege on public schema.

Discovery 2018-11-08
Entry 2018-11-08
lt 10.6

lt 9.6.11

lt 9.5.15

lt 9.4.20

lt 9.3.25