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Revision:  459805
Date:      2018-01-23
Time:      23:07:10Z
Committer: jbeich

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VuXML IDDescription
253c6889-06f0-11e6-925f-6805ca0b3d42ansible -- use of predictable paths in lxc_container

Ansible developers report:

CVE-2016-3096: do not use predictable paths in lxc_container

  • do not use a predictable filename for the LXC attach script
  • don't use predictable filenames for LXC attach script logging
  • don't set a predictable archive_path

this should prevent symlink attacks which could result in

  • data corruption
  • data leakage
  • privilege escalation

Discovery 2016-04-02
Entry 2016-04-20
ge lt

lt 1.9.6