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Revision:  456278
Date:      2017-12-14
Time:      06:41:58Z
Committer: remko

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VuXML IDDescription
2ae24334-f2e6-11e2-8346-001e8c75030dsubversion -- remotely triggerable "Assertion failed" DoS vulnerability or read overflow.

Subversion Project reports:

Subversion's mod_dav_svn Apache HTTPD server module will trigger an assertion on some requests made against a revision root. This can lead to a DoS. If assertions are disabled it will trigger a read overflow which may cause a SEGFAULT (or equivalent) or undefined behavior.

Commit access is required to exploit this.

Discovery 2013-07-19
Entry 2013-07-24
Modified 2013-07-25
ge 1.8.0 lt 1.8.1

ge 1.7.0 lt 1.7.11