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VuXML IDDescription
2f0cb4bb-416d-11da-99fe-000854d03344xloadimage -- buffer overflows in NIFF image title handling

Ariel Berkman reports:

Unlike most of the supported image formats in xloadimage, the NIFF image format can store a title name of arbitrary length as part of the image file.

When xloadimage is processing a loaded image, it is creating a new Image object and then writing the processed image to it. At that point, it will also copy the title from the old image to the newly created image.

The 'zoom', 'reduce', and 'rotate' functions are using a fixed length buffer to construct the new title name when an image processing is done. Since the title name in a NIFF format is of varying length, and there are insufficient buffer size validations, the buffer can be overflowed.

Discovery 2005-10-05
Entry 2005-10-20
Modified 2005-10-23
lt 4.1.15

lt 1.17.0_4

310d0087-0fde-4929-a41f-96f17c5adffexloadimage -- arbitrary command execution when handling compressed files

Tavis Ormandy discovered that xli and xloadimage attempt to decompress images by piping them through gunzip or similar decompression tools. Unfortunately, the unsanitized file name is included as part of the command. This is dangerous, as in some situations, such as mailcap processing, an attacker may control the input file name. As a result, an attacker may be able to cause arbitrary command execution.

Discovery 2005-02-18
Entry 2005-06-03
le 1.17.0_1

le 4.1.10