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Revision:  556059
Date:      2020-11-22
Time:      15:48:54Z
Committer: adamw

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VuXML IDDescription
337960ec-b5dc-11e8-ac58-a4badb2f4699Plex Media Server -- Information Disclosure Vulnerability

Chris reports:

The XML parsing engine for Plex Media Server's SSDP/UPNP functionality is vulnerable to an XML External Entity Processing (XXE) attack. Unauthenticated attackers on the same LAN can use this vulnerability to:

  • Access arbitrary files from the filesystem with the same permission as the user account running Plex.
  • Initiate SMB connections to capture NetNTLM challenge/response and crack to clear-text password.
  • Initiate SMB connections to relay NetNTLM challenge/response and achieve Remote Command Execution in Windows domains.

Discovery 2018-08-01
Entry 2018-09-11