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Revision:  567337
Date:      2021-03-04
Time:      19:48:40Z
Committer: madpilot

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VuXML IDDescription
36f9ac43-b2ac-11e3-8752-080027ef73ecmail/trojita -- may leak mail contents (not user credentials) over unencrypted connection

Jan Kundrát reports:

An SSL stripping vulnerability was discovered in Trojitá, a fast Qt IMAP e-mail client. User's credentials are never leaked, but if a user tries to send an e-mail, the automatic saving into the "sent" or "draft" folders could happen over a plaintext connection even if the user's preferences specify STARTTLS as a requirement.

Discovery 2014-03-20
Entry 2014-03-23
lt 0.4.1