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VuXML IDDescription
387bbade-5d1d-11eb-bf20-4437e6ad11c4mutt -- denial of service

Tavis Ormandy reports:

rfc822.c in Mutt through 2.0.4 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (mailbox unavailability) by sending email messages with sequences of semicolon characters in RFC822 address fields (aka terminators of empty groups). A small email message from the attacker can cause large memory consumption, and the victim may then be unable to see email messages from other persons.

Discovery 2021-01-17
Entry 2021-01-23
lt 2.0.5
dc132c91-2b71-11eb-8cfd-4437e6ad11c4mutt -- authentication credentials being sent over an unencrypted connection

Kevin J. McCarthy reports:

Mutt had incorrect error handling when initially connecting to an IMAP server, which could result in an attempt to authenticate without enabling TLS.

Discovery 2020-11-20
Entry 2020-11-20
lt 2.0.2

29b13a34-b1d2-11ea-a11c-4437e6ad11c4Machine-in-the-middle response injection attack when using STARTTLS with IMAP, POP3, and SMTP

mutt 1.14.4 updates:

CVE-2020-14954 - Machine-in-the-middle response injection attack when using STARTTLS with IMAP, POP3, and SMTP

Discovery 2020-06-16
Entry 2020-06-24
le 1.14.3

5b397852-b1d0-11ea-a11c-4437e6ad11c4IMAP fcc/postpone machine-in-the-middle attack

mutt 1.14.3 updates:

CVE-2020-14093 - IMAP fcc/postpone man-in-the-middle attack via a PREAUTH response.

Discovery 2020-06-14
Entry 2020-06-24
le 1.14.2