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VuXML IDDescription
3b260179-e464-460d-bf9f-d5cda6204020racoon -- remote denial-of-service

Sebastian Krahmer discovered that the racoon ISAKMP daemon could be crashed with a maliciously crafted UDP packet. No authentication is required in order to perform the attack.

Discovery 2005-03-12
Entry 2005-06-03
lt 20050510a

2328adef-157c-11d9-8402-000d93664d5cracoon -- improper certificate handling

Thomas Walpuski noted when OpenSSL would detect an error condition for a peer certificate, racoon mistakenly ignored the error. This could allow five invalid certificate states to properly be used for authentication.

Discovery 2004-01-31
Entry 2004-10-03
lt 20040818a