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VuXML IDDescription
3b5c2362-bd07-11e5-b7ef-5453ed2e2b49libproxy -- stack-based buffer overflow

Tomas Hoger reports:

A buffer overflow flaw was discovered in the libproxy's url::get_pac() used to download proxy.pac proxy auto-configuration file. A malicious host hosting proxy.pac, or a man in the middle attacker, could use this flaw to trigger a stack-based buffer overflow in an application using libproxy, if proxy configuration instructed it to download proxy.pac file from a remote HTTP server.

Discovery 2012-10-10
Entry 2016-01-17
Modified 2016-01-18
ge 0.4.0 lt 0.4.6_1

ge 0.4.0 lt 0.4.6_2

ge 0.4.0 lt 0.4.6_6

ge 0.4.0 lt 0.4.6_3

ge 0.4.0 lt 0.4.6_4