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VuXML IDDescription
400d9d22-d6c5-11da-a14b-00123ffe8333trac -- Wiki Macro Script Insertion Vulnerability

Secunia reports:

A vulnerability has been reported, which can be exploited by malicious people to conduct script insertion attacks.

Input passed using the wiki macro isn't properly sanitised before being used. This can be exploited to inject arbitrary HTML and script code, which will be executed in a user's browser session in context of an affected site when the malicious user data is viewed.

Discovery 2006-04-28
Entry 2006-05-02
lt 0.9.5
b0d61f73-0e11-11db-a47b-000c2957fdf1trac -- reStructuredText breach of privacy and denial of service vulnerability

The Trac 0.9.6 Release Notes reports:

Fixed reStructuredText breach of privacy and denial of service vulnerability found by Felix Wiemann.

The discovered vulnerability requires docutils to be installed and enabled. Systems that do not have docutils installed or enabled are not vulnerable. As of this version version 0.3.9 or greater of docutils is required for using reStructuredText markup in Trac.

Discovery 2006-07-06
Entry 2006-07-07
Modified 2010-05-12
lt 0.9.6

e546c7ce-ce46-11db-bc24-0016179b2dd5trac -- cross site scripting vulnerability

Secunia reports:

The vulnerability is caused due to an error within the "download wiki page as text" function, which can be exploited to execute arbitrary HTML and script code in a user's browser session in context of an affected site.

Successful exploitation may require that the victim uses IE.

Discovery 2007-03-09
Entry 2007-03-09
lt 0.10.3

lt 0.10.3_1
c89a3ebb-ae07-11dd-b4b2-001f3c8eabebtrac -- potential DOS vulnerability

Trac development team reports:

0.11.2 is a new stable maintenance release. It contains several security fixes and everyone is recommended to upgrade their installations.

Bug fixes:

Fixes potential DOS vulnerability with certain wiki markup.

Discovery 2008-11-08
Entry 2008-11-09
lt 0.11.2

lt 0.11.2