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Revision:  491044
Date:      2019-01-23
Time:      15:10:37Z
Committer: zi

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VuXML IDDescription
4caf01e2-30e6-11e5-a4a5-002590263bf5libidn -- out-of-bounds read issue with invalid UTF-8 input

Simon Josefsson reports:

stringprep_utf8_to_ucs4 now rejects invalid UTF-8. This function has always been documented to not validate that the input UTF-8 string is actually valid UTF-8...

Discovery 2015-02-09
Entry 2015-07-23
Modified 2015-08-03
lt 1.31

cb5189eb-572f-11e6-b334-002590263bf5libidn -- multiple vulnerabilities

Simon Josefsson reports:

libidn: Fix out-of-bounds stack read in idna_to_ascii_4i.

idn: Solve out-of-bounds-read when reading one zero byte as input. Also replaced fgets with getline.

libidn: stringprep_utf8_nfkc_normalize reject invalid UTF-8. It was always documented to only accept UTF-8 data, but now it doesn't crash when presented with such data.

Discovery 2016-07-20
Entry 2016-07-31
lt 1.33