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VuXML IDDescription
4e306850-811f-11de-8a67-000c29a67389silc-client -- Format string vulnerability

SILC changelog reports:

An unspecified format string vulnerability exists in silc-client.

Discovery 2009-07-31
Entry 2009-08-04
Modified 2010-05-02
lt 1.1.8

ff304c35-fb5b-11dc-91c1-00e0815b8da8silc -- pkcs_decode buffer overflow

Core Security Technologies reports:

A remote buffer overflow vulnerability found in a library used by both the SILC server and client to process packets containing cryptographic material may allow an un-authenticated client to executearbitrary code on the server with the privileges of the user account running the server, or a malicious SILC server to compromise client systems and execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the user account running the SILC client program.

Discovery 2008-03-25
Entry 2008-03-26
lt 1.1.4

lt 1.1.2