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Revision:  456043
Date:      2017-12-11
Time:      14:53:31Z
Committer: tijl

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VuXML IDDescription
5713bfda-e27d-11e4-b2ce-5453ed2e2b49qt4-imageformats, qt4-gui, qt5-gui -- Multiple Vulnerabilities in Qt Image Format Handling

Richard J. Moore reports:

Due to two recent vulnerabilities identified in the built-in image format handling code, it was decided that this area required further testing to determine if further issues remained. Fuzzing using afl-fuzz located a number of issues in the handling of BMP, ICO and GIF files. The issues exposed included denial of service and buffer overflows leading to heap corruption. It is possible the latter could be used to perform remote code execution.

Discovery 2015-04-12
Entry 2015-04-14
lt 4.8.6_3

lt 4.8.6_5

lt 5.4.1_1