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The last vuln.xml file processed by FreshPorts is:

Revision:  459437
Date:      2018-01-19
Time:      16:43:35Z
Committer: girgen

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VuXML IDDescription
607d2108-a0e4-423a-bf78-846f2a8f01b0puppet -- Multiple Vulnerabilities

Multiple vulnerabilities exist in puppet that can result in arbitrary code execution, arbitrary file read access, denial of service, and arbitrary file write access. Please review the details in each of the CVEs for additional information.

Discovery 2012-03-26
Entry 2012-04-10
gt 2.7.* lt 2.7.12_1

b162b218-c547-4ba2-ae31-6fdcb61bc763puppet -- Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Puppet Developers report:

When making REST api calls, the puppet master takes YAML from an untrusted client, deserializes it, and then calls methods on the resulting object. A YAML payload can be crafted to cause the deserialization to construct an instance of any class available in the ruby process, which allows an attacker to execute code contained in the payload.

Discovery 2013-06-13
Entry 2013-06-22
Modified 2013-08-01
ge 2.7 lt 2.7.22

ge 3.0 lt 3.2.2