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VuXML IDDescription
6d329b64-6bbb-11e1-9166-001e4f0fb9b1portaudit -- auditfile remote code execution

Michael Gmelin and Jörg Scheinert has reported a remote command execution vulnerability in portaudit.

An attacker who can get the user to use a specially crafted audit file will be able to run commands on the users system, with the privileges of the user running running portaudit (often root).

The attack could e.g. happen through DNS hijacking or a man in the middle attack.

Note that if the user has set up portaudit to run from periodic this attack could happen without direct user interaction.

In the FreeBSD Ports Collection ( the check for vulnerable ports at install-time directly operates on the auditfile and has the same vulnerability as portaudit. As the Ports Collection infrastructure does not have a version number just be sure to have a Ports Collection new enough to contain the fix for portaudit. Note that this is only a problem for users which has portaudit installed, as they will not have the audit database installed or downloaded otherwise.

Discovery 2012-03-11
Entry 2012-03-11
lt 0.6.0