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VuXML IDDescription
6e83b2f3-e4e3-11e6-9ac1-a4badb2f4699nfsen -- remote command execution

Peter Haag reports:

A remote attacker with access to the web interface to execute arbitrary commands on the host operating system.

Discovery 2017-01-24
Entry 2017-01-27
lt 1.3.7
70372cda-6771-11de-883a-00e0815b8da8nfsen -- remote command execution

nfsen reports:

Due to double input checking, a remote command execution security bug exists in all NfSen versions 1.3 and 1.3.1. Users are requested to update to nfsen-1.3.2.

Discovery 2009-06-18
Entry 2009-07-03
lt 1.3.2