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Revision:  456232
Date:      2017-12-13
Time:      20:45:21Z
Committer: madpilot

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VuXML IDDescription
6fb521b0-d388-11e3-a790-000c2980a9f3strongswan -- Remote Authentication Bypass

strongSwan developers report:

Remote attackers are able to bypass authentication by rekeying an IKE_SA during (1) initiation or (2) re-authentication, which triggers the IKE_SA state to be set to established.

Only installations that actively initiate or re-authenticate IKEv2 IKE_SAs are affected.

Discovery 2014-03-12
Entry 2014-05-04
lt 5.1.3

efa663eb-8754-11e3-9a47-00163e1ed244strongswan -- multiple DoS vulnerabilities

strongSwan Project reports:

A DoS vulnerability triggered by crafted IKEv1 fragmentation payloads was discovered in strongSwan's IKE daemon charon. All versions since 5.0.2 are affected.

A DoS vulnerability and potential authorization bypass triggered by a crafted ID_DER_ASN1_DN ID payload was discovered in strongSwan. All versions since 4.3.3 are affected.

A DoS vulnerability in strongSwan was discovered, which is triggered by XAuth usernames and EAP identities in versions 5.0.3 and 5.0.4.

Discovery 2013-11-01
Entry 2014-01-27
lt 5.1.1