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VuXML IDDescription
70c44cd0-e717-11e5-85be-14dae9d210b8quagga -- stack based buffer overflow vulnerability

Donald Sharp reports:

A malicious BGP peer may execute arbitrary code in particularly configured remote bgpd hosts.

Discovery 2016-01-27
Entry 2016-03-10
lt 1.0.20160309
e15a22ce-f16f-446b-9ca7-6859350c2e75quagga -- several security issues

Quagga reports:

The Quagga BGP daemon, bgpd, does not properly bounds check the data sent with a NOTIFY to a peer, if an attribute length is invalid. Arbitrary data from the bgpd process may be sent over the network to a peer and/or it may crash.

The Quagga BGP daemon, bgpd, can double-free memory when processing certain forms of UPDATE message, containing cluster-list and/or unknown attributes.

The Quagga BGP daemon, bgpd, can overrun internal BGP code-to-string conversion tables used for debug by 1 pointer value, based on input.

The Quagga BGP daemon, bgpd, can enter an infinite loop if sent an invalid OPEN message by a configured peer.

Discovery 2018-01-31
Entry 2018-02-15
lt 1.2.3