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VuXML IDDescription
719f06af-e45e-11ea-95a1-c3b8167b8026chrony <= 3.5.1 data corruption through symlink vulnerability writing the pidfile

Miroslav Lichvar reports:

chrony-3.5.1 [...] fixes a security issue in writing of the pidfile.

When chronyd is configured to save the pidfile in a directory where the chrony user has write permissions (e.g. /var/run/chrony - the default since chrony-3.4), an attacker that compromised the chrony user account could create a symbolic link at the location of the pidfile to make chronyd starting with root privileges follow the symlink and write its process ID to a file for which the chrony user doesn't have write permissions, causing a denial of service, or data loss.

This issue was reported by Matthias Gerstner of SUSE.

Discovery 2020-08-06
Entry 2020-08-22
lt 3.5.1
c4571ca8-053d-44c9-ab3c-89b1372ad0a5chrony -- multiple vulnerabilities

Chrony News reports:

CVE-2015-1853: DoS attack on authenticated symmetric NTP associations

CVE-2015-1821: Heap-based buffer overflow in access configuration

CVE-2015-1822: Use of uninitialized pointer in command processing

Discovery 2015-02-17
Entry 2015-04-18
lt 1.31.1