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Revision:  566651
Date:      2021-02-27
Time:      01:49:47Z
Committer: swills

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VuXML IDDescription
838fa84a-0e25-11e5-90e4-d050996490d0redis -- EVAL Lua Sandbox Escape

Ben Murphy reports:

It is possible to break out of the Lua sandbox in Redis and execute arbitrary code.

This shouldn’t pose a threat to users under the trusted Redis security model where only trusted users can connect to the database. However, in real deployments there could be databases that can be accessed by untrusted users. The main deployments that are vulnerable are developers machines, places where redis servers can be reached via SSRF attacks and cloud hosting.

Discovery 2015-06-04
Entry 2015-06-08
ge 2.6.0 lt 2.8.21

ge 3.0 lt 3.0.2

fa175f30-8c75-11e6-924a-60a44ce6887bredis -- sensitive information leak through command history file

Redis team reports:

The redis-cli history file (in linenoise) is created with the default OS umask value which makes it world readable in most systems and could potentially expose authentication credentials to other users.

Discovery 2013-11-30
Entry 2016-10-11
lt 3.2.3