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Revision:  454617
Date:      2017-11-21
Time:      16:12:20Z
Committer: zi

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VuXML IDDescription
85f33a8d-492f-11e2-aa75-003067c2616fopera -- execution of arbitrary code

Opera reports:

When loading GIF images into memory, Opera should allocate the correct amount of memory to store that image. Specially crafted image files can cause Opera to allocate the wrong amount of memory. Subsequent data may then overwrite unrelated memory with attacker-controlled data. This can lead to a crash, which may also execute that data as code.

Discovery 2012-12-18
Entry 2012-12-18
Modified 2014-04-30
lt 12.12

lt 12.12

lt 12.12

lt 12.12