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Revision:  485314
Date:      2018-11-19
Time:      10:45:09Z
Committer: joneum

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VuXML IDDescription
864e6f75-2372-11e5-86ff-14dae9d210b8node, iojs, and v8 -- denial of service

node reports:

This release of Node.js fixes a bug that triggers an out-of-band write in V8's utf-8 decoder. This bug impacts all Buffer to String conversions. This is an important security update as this bug can be used to cause a denial of service attack.

Discovery 2015-07-03
Entry 2015-07-06
Modified 2015-07-10
lt 0.12.6

lt 0.12.6

lt 2.3.3

le 3.18.5

le 3.27.7_2