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VuXML IDDescription
8c451386-dff3-11dd-a765-0030843d3802mysql -- privilege escalation and overwrite of the system table information

MySQL reports:

Using RENAME TABLE against a table with explicit DATA DIRECTORY and INDEX DIRECTORY options can be used to overwrite system table information by replacing the symbolic link points. the file to which the symlink points.

Discovery 2007-11-14
Entry 2009-01-11
ge 4.1 lt 4.1.24

ge 5.0 lt 5.0.51

ge 5.1 lt 5.1.23

ge 6.0 lt 6.0.4

388d9ee4-7f22-11dd-a66a-0019666436c2mysql -- MyISAM table privileges security bypass vulnerability

SecurityFocus reports:

MySQL is prone to a security-bypass vulnerability. An attacker can exploit this issue to overwrite existing table files in the MySQL data directory, bypassing certain security restrictions.

Discovery 2008-05-05
Entry 2008-09-10
Modified 2008-10-10
ge 6.0 lt 6.0.5

ge 5.1 lt 5.1.24

ge 5.0 lt 5.0.67

ge 4.1 lt 4.1.22_1

bb4e9a44-dff2-11dd-a765-0030843d3802mysql -- renaming of arbitrary tables by authenticated users

MySQL reports:

The requirement of the DROP privilege for RENAME TABLE was not enforced.

Discovery 2007-05-14
Entry 2009-01-11
ge 4.1 lt 4.1.23

ge 5.0 lt 5.0.42

ge 5.1 lt 5.1.18

738f8f9e-d661-11dd-a765-0030843d3802mysql -- MyISAM table privileges security bypass vulnerability for symlinked paths

MySQL Team reports:

Additional corrections were made for the symlink-related privilege problem originally addressed. The original fix did not correctly handle the data directory pathname if it contained symlinked directories in its path, and the check was made only at table-creation time, not at table-opening time later.

Discovery 2008-07-03
Entry 2008-12-30
ge 4.1 lt 4.1.25

ge 5.0 lt 5.0.75

ge 5.1 lt 5.1.28

ge 6.0 lt 6.0.6

66a770b4-e008-11dd-a765-0030843d3802mysql -- empty bit-string literal denial of service

MySQL reports:

The vulnerability is caused due to an error when processing an empty bit-string literal and can be exploited to crash the server via a specially crafted SQL statement.

Discovery 2008-09-11
Entry 2009-01-11
ge 5.0 lt 5.0.66

ge 5.1 lt 5.1.26

ge 6.0 lt 6.0.6

240ac24c-dff3-11dd-a765-0030843d3802mysql -- remote dos via malformed password packet

MySQL reports:

A malformed password packet in the connection protocol could cause the server to crash.

Discovery 2007-07-15
Entry 2009-01-11
ge 4.1 lt 4.1.24

ge 5.0 lt 5.0.44

ge 5.1 lt 5.1.20