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VuXML IDDescription
92a6efd0-e40d-11e8-ada4-408d5cf35399lighttpd - use-after-free vulnerabilities

Lighttpd Project reports:

Security fixes for Lighttpd:

  • security: process headers after combining folded headers

Discovery 2018-08-26
Entry 2018-11-09
lt 1.4.51
ef0033ad-5823-11e6-80cc-001517f335e2lighttpd - multiple vulnerabilities

Lighttpd Project reports:

Security fixes for Lighttpd:

  • security: encode quoting chars in HTML and XML

  • security: ensure gid != 0 if server.username is set, but not server.groupname

  • security: disable stat_cache if server.follow-symlink = “disable”

  • security: httpoxy defense: do not emit HTTP_PROXY to CGI env

Discovery 2016-07-31
Entry 2016-08-03
lt 1.4.41
90b27045-9530-11e3-9d09-000c2980a9f3lighttpd -- multiple vulnerabilities

lighttpd security advisories report:

It is possible to inadvertantly enable vulnerable ciphers when using ssl.cipher-list.

In certain cases setuid() and similar can fail, potentially triggering lighttpd to restart running as root.

If FAMMonitorDirectory fails, the memory intended to store the context is released; some lines below the "version" compoment of that context is read. Reading invalid data doesn't matter, but the memory access could trigger a segfault.

Discovery 2013-11-28
Entry 2014-02-14
lt 1.4.34
dd7f29cc-3ee9-11e5-93ad-002590263bf5lighttpd -- Log injection vulnerability in mod_auth

MITRE reports:

mod_auth in lighttpd before 1.4.36 allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary log entries via a basic HTTP authentication string without a colon character, as demonstrated by a string containing a NULL and new line character.

Discovery 2015-05-25
Entry 2015-08-10
lt 1.4.36