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The last vuln.xml file processed by FreshPorts is:

Revision:  556810
Date:      2020-12-02
Time:      10:03:15Z
Committer: philip

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VuXML IDDescription
9b5162de-6f39-11e8-818e-e8e0b747a45alibgcrypt -- side-channel attack vulnerability

GnuPG reports:

Mitigate a local side-channel attack on ECDSA signature as described in the white paper "Return on the Hidden Number Problem".

Discovery 2018-06-13
Entry 2018-06-13
Modified 2018-06-14
lt 1.8.3

c9c6c2f8-cd54-11e9-af89-080027ef1a23libgcrypt -- ECDSA timing attack

GnuPG reports:

Mitigate an ECDSA timing attack.

Discovery 2019-08-29
Entry 2019-09-02
lt 1.8.5