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Revision:  459437
Date:      2018-01-19
Time:      16:43:35Z
Committer: girgen

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I found 2 entries for ce4b3af8-0b7c-11e1-846b-00235409fd3e. There should be only one.
VuXML IDDescription
9c7177ff-1fe1-11e5-9a01-bcaec565249clibxml2 -- Enforce the reader to run in constant memory

Daniel Veilland reports:

Enforce the reader to run in constant memory. One of the operation on the reader could resolve entities leading to the classic expansion issue. Make sure the buffer used for xmlreader operation is bounded. Introduce a new allocation type for the buffers for this effect.

Discovery 2015-04-14
Entry 2015-07-01
Modified 2016-01-31
lt 2.9.2_3

lt 2.7.6_5

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