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The last vuln.xml file processed by FreshPorts is:

Revision:  456560
Date:      2017-12-17
Time:      18:50:00Z
Committer: zeising

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VuXML IDDescription
ad91ee9b-d599-11e5-8fa8-14dae9d210b8adminer -- XSS vulnerability

Jakub Vrana reports:

Fix XSS in alter table

Discovery 2015-08-05
Entry 2016-02-17
lt 4.2.2
18201a1c-d59a-11e5-8fa8-14dae9d210b8adminer -- XSS vulnerability

Jakub Vrana reports:

Fix XSS in indexes (non-MySQL only)

Discovery 2015-11-08
Entry 2016-02-17
lt 4.2.3
dd563930-d59a-11e5-8fa8-14dae9d210b8adminer -- remote code execution

Jakub Vrana reports:

Fix remote code execution in SQLite query

Discovery 2016-02-06
Entry 2016-02-17
lt 4.2.4