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Revision:  556810
Date:      2020-12-02
Time:      10:03:15Z
Committer: philip

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VuXML IDDescription
b036faba-edd8-11e8-b3b7-00e04c1ea73dphpmailer -- Multiple vulnerability

SO-AND-SO reports:

CVE-2018-19296:Fix potential object injection vulnerability.

Discovery 2018-11-16
Entry 2018-11-21
Modified 2018-11-23
lt 5.2.27

lt 6.0.6
7ae0be99-d8bb-11e6-9b7f-d43d7e971a1bphpmailer -- Remote Code Execution

SecurityFocus reports:

PHPMailer is prone to an local information-disclosure vulnerability. Attackers can exploit this issue to obtain sensitive information that may aid in launching further attacks.

Discovery 2017-01-10
Entry 2017-01-12
lt 5.2.22

lt 2017.01.16
c5d79773-8801-11e7-93f7-d43d7e971a1bphpmailer -- XSS in code example and default exeception handler

PHPMailer reports:

Fix XSS vulnerability in one of the code examples, CVE-2017-11503. The code_generator.phps example did not filter user input prior to output. This file is distributed with a .phps extension, so it it not normally executable unless it is explicitly renamed, so it is safe by default. There was also an undisclosed potential XSS vulnerability in the default exception handler (unused by default). Patches for both issues kindly provided by Patrick Monnerat of the Fedora Project.

Discovery 2017-07-27
Entry 2017-08-23
lt 5.2.24