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Revision:  544548
Date:      2020-08-09
Time:      08:00:28Z
Committer: pi

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VuXML IDDescription
c0cae920-c4e9-11e4-898e-90e6ba741e35mono -- TLS bugs

The Mono project reports:

Mono’s implementation of the SSL/TLS stack failed to check the order of the handshake messages. Which would allow various attacks on the protocol to succeed. Details of this vulnerability are discussed in SKIP-TLS post.

Mono’s implementation of SSL/TLS also contained support for the weak EXPORT cyphers and was susceptible to the FREAK attack.

Discovery 2015-03-06
Entry 2015-03-07
lt 3.10.1

ge 3.12 lt 3.12.1
4b3a7e70-afce-11e5-b864-14dae9d210b8mono -- DoS and code execution

NCC Group reports:

An attacker who can cause a carefully-chosen string to be converted to a floating-point number can cause a crash and potentially induce arbitrary code execution.

Discovery 2015-12-19
Entry 2015-12-31
lt 4.2