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VuXML IDDescription
d754b7d2-b6a7-11df-826c-e464a695cb21wget -- multiple HTTP client download filename vulnerability

GNU Wget version 1.12 and earlier uses a server-provided filename instead of the original URL to determine the destination filename of a download, which allows remote servers to create or overwrite arbitrary files via a 3xx redirect to a URL with a .wgetrc filename followed by a 3xx redirect to a URL with a crafted filename, and possibly execute arbitrary code as a consequence of writing to a dotfile in a home directory.

Discovery 2010-06-09
Entry 2010-09-03
le 1.12_1

06f142ff-4df3-11d9-a9e7-0001020eed82wget -- multiple vulnerabilities

Jan Minar reports that there exists multiple vulnerabilities in wget:

Wget erroneously thinks that the current directory is a fair game, and will happily write in any file in and below it. Malicious HTTP response or malicious HTML file can redirect wget to a file that is vital to the system, and wget will create/append/overwrite it.

Wget apparently has at least two methods of ``sanitizing'' the potentially malicious data it receives from the HTTP stream, therefore a malicious redirects can pass the check. We haven't find a way to trick wget into writing above the parent directory, which doesn't mean it's not possible.

Malicious HTTP response can overwrite parts of the terminal so that the user will not notice anything wrong, or will believe the error was not fatal.

Discovery 2004-12-09
Entry 2004-12-14
Modified 2005-04-15
lt 1.10.a1

ge 0