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Revision:  514534
Date:      2019-10-15
Time:      14:43:01Z
Committer: kai

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VuXML IDDescription
d8e7e854-17fa-11e9-bef6-6805ca2fa271botan2 -- Side channel during ECC key generation

botan2 developers reports:

A timing side channel during ECC key generation could leak information about the high bits of the secret scalar. Such information allows an attacker to perform a brute force attack on the key somewhat more efficiently than they would otherwise. Found by Ján Jančár using ECTester.

Bug introduced in 1.11.20, fixed in 2.9.0

Discovery 2018-12-17
Entry 2019-01-27
lt 2.9.0
7762d7ad-2e38-41d2-9785-c51f653ba8bdbotan2 -- ECDSA side channel

botan2 developers report:

A side channel in the ECDSA signature operation could allow a local attacker to recover the secret key. Found by Keegan Ryan of NCC Group.

Bug introduced in 2.5.0, fixed in 2.7.0. The 1.10 branch is not affected.

Discovery 2018-06-13
Entry 2018-08-17
ge 2.5.0 lt 2.7.0