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The last vuln.xml file processed by FreshPorts is:

Revision:  458952
Date:      2018-01-14
Time:      02:19:47Z
Committer: woodsb02

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VuXML IDDescription
e135f0c9-375f-11e3-80b7-20cf30e32f6dbugzilla -- multiple vulnerabilities

A Bugzilla Security Advisory reports:

Cross-Site Request Forgery

When a user submits changes to a bug right after another user did, a midair collision page is displayed to inform the user about changes recently made. This page contains a token which can be used to validate the changes if the user decides to submit his changes anyway. A regression in Bugzilla 4.4 caused this token to be recreated if a crafted URL was given, even when no midair collision page was going to be displayed, allowing an attacker to bypass the token check and abuse a user to commit changes on his behalf.

Cross-Site Request Forgery

When an attachment is edited, a token is generated to validate changes made by the user. Using a crafted URL, an attacker could force the token to be recreated, allowing him to bypass the token check and abuse a user to commit changes on his behalf.

Cross-Site Scripting

Some parameters passed to editflagtypes.cgi were not correctly filtered in the HTML page, which could lead to XSS.

Cross-Site Scripting

Due to an incomplete fix for CVE-2012-4189, some incorrectly filtered field values in tabular reports could lead to XSS.

Discovery 2013-10-16
Entry 2013-10-17
Modified 2014-04-30
ge 4.0.0 lt 4.0.11

ge 4.0.0 lt 4.0.11

ge 4.2.0 lt 4.2.7

ge 4.4 lt 4.4.1

1c8a039b-7b23-11e2-b17b-20cf30e32f6dbugzilla -- multiple vulnerabilities

A Bugzilla Security Advisory reports:

Cross-Site Scripting

When viewing a single bug report, which is the default, the bug ID is validated and rejected if it is invalid. But when viewing several bug reports at once, which is specified by the format=multiple parameter, invalid bug IDs can go through and are sanitized in the HTML page itself. But when an invalid page format is passed to the CGI script, the wrong HTML page is called and data are not correctly sanitized, which can lead to XSS.

Information Leak

When running a query in debug mode, the generated SQL query used to collect the data is displayed. The way this SQL query is built permits the user to determine if some confidential field value (such as a product name) exists. This problem only affects Bugzilla 4.0.9 and older. Newer releases are not affected by this issue.

Discovery 2013-02-19
Entry 2013-02-20
Modified 2013-03-31
ge 3.6.0 lt 3.6.13

ge 4.0.0 lt 4.0.10

ge 4.2.0 lt 4.2.5