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Revision:  459791
Date:      2018-01-23
Time:      18:43:33Z
Committer: jbeich

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VuXML IDDescription
e21c7c7a-0116-11e3-9e83-3c970e169bc2samba -- denial of service vulnerability

The Samba project reports:

All current released versions of Samba are vulnerable to a denial of service on an authenticated or guest connection. A malformed packet can cause the smbd server to loop the CPU performing memory allocations and preventing any further service.

A connection to a file share, or a local account is needed to exploit this problem, either authenticated or unauthenticated if guest connections are allowed.

Discovery 2013-08-05
Entry 2013-08-09
Modified 2013-08-09
gt 0

gt 0

gt 3.6.* lt 3.6.17

gt 4.0.* lt 4.0.8