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Revision:  537150
Date:      2020-05-31
Time:      10:53:12Z
Committer: adamw

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VuXML IDDescription
e31d44a2-21e3-11d9-9289-000c41e2cdadimwheel -- insecure handling of PID file

A Computer Academic Underground advisory describes the consequences of imwheel's handling of the process ID file (PID file):

imwheel exclusively uses a predictably named PID file for management of multiple imwheel processes. A race condition exists when the -k command-line option is used to kill existing imwheel processes. This race condition may be used by a local user to Denial of Service another user using imwheel, lead to resource exhaustion of the host system, or append data to arbitrary files.

Discovery 2004-08-20
Entry 2004-10-19
lt 1.0.0.p12