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Revision:  499362
Date:      2019-04-19
Time:      14:42:42Z
Committer: tijl

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VuXML IDDescription
e543c6f8-abf2-11e4-8ac7-d050992ecde8unzip -- out of boundary access issues in test_compr_eb

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-2489-1 reports:

Michal Zalewski discovered that unzip incorrectly handled certain malformed zip archives. If a user or automated system were tricked into processing a specially crafted zip archive, an attacker could possibly execute arbitrary code.

Discovery 2014-11-02
Entry 2015-02-03
lt 6.0_4

d9360908-9d52-11e4-87fd-10bf48e1088eunzip -- input sanitization errors

oCERT reports:

The UnZip tool is an open source extraction utility for archives compressed in the zip format.

The unzip command line tool is affected by heap-based buffer overflows within the CRC32 verification, the test_compr_eb() and the getZip64Data() functions. The input errors may result in arbitrary code execution.

A specially crafted zip file, passed to unzip -t, can be used to trigger the vulnerability.

Discovery 2014-12-03
Entry 2015-01-16
le 6.0_2

3680b234-b6f0-11e4-b7cc-d050992ecde8unzip -- heap based buffer overflow in iconv patch

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-2502-1 reports:

unzip could be made to run programs if it opened a specially crafted file.

Discovery 2015-02-17
Entry 2015-02-17
lt 6.0_5

86c3c66e-b2f5-11e5-863a-b499baebfeafunzip -- multiple vulnerabilities

Gustavo Grieco reports:

Two issues were found in unzip 6.0:

* A heap overflow triggered by unzipping a file with password (e.g unzip -p -P x

* A denegation of service with a file that never finishes unzipping (e.g. unzip

Discovery 2015-09-26
Entry 2016-01-04
lt 6.0_7