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VuXML IDDescription
e80073d7-f8ba-11eb-b141-589cfc007716xtrlock -- xtrlock does not block multitouch events

Debian reports:

xtrlock did not block multitouch events so an attacker could still input and thus control various programs such as Chromium, etc. via so-called "multitouch" events including pan scrolling, "pinch and zoom" or even being able to provide regular mouse clicks by depressing the touchpad once and then clicking with a secondary finger.

Discovery 2016-07-10
Entry 2021-08-09
lt 2.12

f7e8d2ca-410e-40b2-8748-3abd021e44a9xtrlock -- X display locking bypass

The X display locking program xtrlock contains an integer overflow bug. It is possible for an attacker with physical access to the system to bypass the display lock.

Discovery 2004-10-25
Entry 2005-06-01
lt 2.0.10