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Revision:  455901
Date:      2017-12-10
Time:      15:41:59Z
Committer: feld

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VuXML IDDescription
efaa4071-b700-11e2-b1b9-f0def16c5c1bnginx -- multiple vulnerabilities

The nginx project reports:

A stack-based buffer overflow might occur in a worker process process while handling a specially crafted request, potentially resulting in arbitrary code execution. [CVE-2013-2028]

A security problem related to CVE-2013-2028 was identified, affecting some previous nginx versions if proxy_pass to untrusted upstream HTTP servers is used.

The problem may lead to a denial of service or a disclosure of a worker process memory on a specially crafted response from an upstream proxied server. [CVE-2013-2070]

Discovery 2013-05-07
Entry 2013-05-07
Modified 2013-05-16
ge 1.2.0,1 le 1.2.8,1

ge 1.3.0,1 lt 1.4.1,1

ge 1.1.4 le 1.2.8

ge 1.3.0 lt 1.5.0

94b6264a-5140-11e3-8b22-f0def16c5c1bnginx -- Request line parsing vulnerability

The nginx project reports:

Ivan Fratric of the Google Security Team discovered a bug in nginx, which might allow an attacker to bypass security restrictions in certain configurations by using a specially crafted request, or might have potential other impact (CVE-2013-4547).

Discovery 2013-11-19
Entry 2013-11-19
ge 0.8.41 lt 1.4.4,1

ge 0.8.41 lt 1.5.7