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The last vuln.xml file processed by FreshPorts is:

Revision:  456043
Date:      2017-12-11
Time:      14:53:31Z
Committer: tijl

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These are the vulnerabilities relating to the commit you have selected:

VuXML IDDescription
f4a0212f-f797-11e2-9bb9-6805ca0b3d42phpMyAdmin -- multiple vulnerabilities

The phpMyAdmin development team reports:

XSS due to unescaped HTML Output when executing a SQL query.

5 XSS vulnerabilities in setup, chart display, process list, and logo link.

If a crafted version.json would be presented, an XSS could be introduced.

Full path disclosure vulnerabilities.

XSS vulnerability when a text to link transformation is used.

Self-XSS due to unescaped HTML output in schema export.

SQL injection vulnerabilities, producing a privilege escalation (control user).

Discovery 2013-07-28
Entry 2013-07-28
Modified 2013-07-29
ge 4.0 lt

ge 3.5 lt