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Revision:  517944
Date:      2019-11-19
Time:      08:25:04Z
Committer: joneum

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VuXML IDDescription
f5524753-67b1-4c88-8114-29c2d258b383mini_httpd,thttpd -- Buffer overflow in htpasswd

Alessio Santoru reports:

Buffer overflow in htpasswd.

Discovery 2017-12-13
Entry 2018-02-06
lt 1.28

lt 2.28
84dc49b0-b267-11e5-8a5b-00262d5ed8eemini_httpd -- buffer overflow via snprintf

ACME Updates reports:

mini_httpd 1.21 and earlier allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive information from process memory via an HTTP request with a long protocol string, which triggers an incorrect response size calculation and an out-of-bounds read.

(rene) ACME, the author, claims that the vulnerability is fixed *after* version 1.22, released on 2015-12-28

Discovery 2015-02-10
Entry 2016-01-03
lt 1.23

33c384f3-5af6-4662-9741-0acb21c7e499mini_httpd -- disclose arbitrary files is some circumstances

Jef Poskanzer reports:

Prior versions allowed remote users to read arbitrary files in some circumstances.

Discovery 2018-10-26
Entry 2018-10-26
lt 1.30