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Revision:  455901
Date:      2017-12-10
Time:      15:41:59Z
Committer: feld

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VuXML IDDescription
f645aa90-a3e8-11e3-a422-3c970e169bc2gnutls -- multiple certificate verification issues

GnuTLS project reports:

A vulnerability was discovered that affects the certificate verification functions of all gnutls versions. A specially crafted certificate could bypass certificate validation checks. The vulnerability was discovered during an audit of GnuTLS for Red Hat.

Suman Jana reported a vulnerability that affects the certificate verification functions of gnutls 2.11.5 and later versions. A version 1 intermediate certificate will be considered as a CA certificate by default (something that deviates from the documented behavior).

Discovery 2014-03-03
Entry 2014-03-04
Modified 2014-04-30
lt 2.12.23_4

lt 2.12.23_4

lt 3.1.22

gt 3.2.0 lt 3.2.12

lt 3.1.22

gt 3.2.0 lt 3.2.12

9065b930-3d8b-11e3-bd1a-e840f2096bd0gnutls -- denial of service

Salvatore Bonaccorso reports:

This vulnerability affects the DANE library of gnutls 3.1.x and gnutls 3.2.x. A server that returns more 4 DANE entries could corrupt the memory of a requesting client.

Discovery 2013-10-25
Entry 2013-10-25
Modified 2013-11-01
lt 3.1.16